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What is on the August 6th ballot for Huber Heights City Schools?

Huber Heights City Schools has placed a 5.95 mill operating levy on the ballot to sustain the district’s day-to-day operations. Operating money is used for classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, technology, textbooks, fuel and electricity.

#1 Question Asked: Why is there no money left from building new facilities?

The Ohio Revised Code 5705.14 prohibits the district’s ability to transfer unused construction funds to the General Fund. These funds can only be used for the capital improvements to the district such as repair and maintenance to buildings and the purchasing of equipment.

Why a levy at this time?

Huber Heights City Schools have gone nearly 8 years without any new operating money. The district is now operating at a deficit, highlighting the importance of this levy request. We are concerned our district will be unable to meet the state standards required by law which will ultimately jeopardize the academic success of our students.

How deeply has Ohio cut funding to schools?

Ohio’s budget for school aid has been massively cut by over $700 million. These cuts in state funding and elimination of an important funding source (Ohio’s Tangible Personal Property Tax) are devastating school districts throughout Ohio. The passage of the August levy will provide stability to Huber Heights City Schools and our community.

Support Our Schools - Vote Yes on August 6th
Support Our Schools - Vote Yes on August 6th
Support Our Schools - Vote Yes on August 6th
Support Our Schools - Vote Yes on August 6th

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  • Preserve property value  |  Prevent further job loss |  Help continue excellence in our schools | Avoid deeper budget cuts | Maintain classroom sizes
  • Property devaluation | Loss of Jobs | Lower-quality education for our children | District-wide cuts made | Larger classroom sizes